Cathy Heenan Ed.D.

Cathy Heenan, Ed.D
As a licensed Psychologist I have extensive experience providing psychotherapy to individuals and couples. I’ve had considerable success helping individuals & couples address and work through a range of challenging life situations and problems. My therapy approach is tailored to meet the needs of each client.

“Cathy has been my therapist from the painful issue of childhood loss to more routine concerns.

Cathy has, above all, helped me learn to sit with anxiety and go towards, rather than away from, the things that scare me. She’s done this with deep compassion and also with an openness to whatever therapy will be most effective in the moment: traditional psychotherapy, a cognitive-behavioral approach, or even meditation.

I think of her as a guide or teacher, as well as a therapist, and her influence on my life has been incalculable.”


As a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach I offer methods and tools that open communication and resolve differences in a mutually respectful way. A primary goal is to create a climate for clear and honest communication in order for each client to be heard and for interests and needs to be met.  

Divorce creates so much change and for many uncertainty. I help clients prepare themselves and their children for life after divorce.

As a Parenting Advisor I help parents with the challenges of parenting.  Understanding the complexities of your particular situation and your child/children is the first step. I then provide insight and coaching tips that are both practical and creative. By listening and providing guidance, advice and support I assist parents in understanding their child/children more deeply. Through our work, parents have reported an increase in awareness, the development of new skills and a happier life as a family. This has increased parental self confidence resulting in the ability to parent more effectively with a significant reduction of tension and anxiety. 

For couples going through a divorce, I foster healthy post-divorce communication and assist clients in developing an effective, workable co-parenting plan.

In the field of Collaborative Law, I am an International Trainer. 
Since 2004, I have designed and given basic and advanced Interdisciplinary
Collaborative Law Trainings throughout the United States, Canada
and Europe.  With my colleague, attorney Rita Pollak we have
presented, on five separate occasions, trainings to over 250
professionals in the Netherlands.

“My attorney recommended Cathy to join our collaborative legal team and she became central to our successful divorce. Cathy is the most talented therapist I have ever met and I attribute our positive, respectful, divorce process to her.

Cathy guided us through the sadness, anger and pain of divorce and helped us to find our way to an appropriate, fair and respectful agreement. She listens in the deepest way, assimilating the information, the story, the players, the injustices, and then she guides one up and out; finding a way out of the past and into a future for both people.

She is the brightest and clearest person I have had the good fortune to hire. I am deeply grateful that she guided me to a new life of clarity, strength, independence and dignity.”

– JN

Together, we developed a 4-hour series of Collaborative Law Divorce Training Videos featuring professionals working with “real” clients on real issues. This 9-episode DVD series offers a dynamic learning experience providing a strong foundation for resolving conflict through open communication, for creative problem solving and for generating cases.

Professionals interested in Collaborative Law Practice and other ADR (alternative dispute resolution) options are using these trainings worldwide.

Formerly, I was an Assistant Professor of Communication at Northeastern University where I developed and taught courses in communication, interpersonal relations and group process.

For over 25 years I have worked with directors and staffs of extended-day programs developing and strengthening their abilities to work well together as a team.  I designed and led trainings for two ground-breaking projects at Wellesley College: “School-Age Child Care National Trainings” and “Bringing Yourself to Work: Successful Staff Development in After-School Programs.”

I am co-author of the book:  Preparing, Designing and Leading Workshops: A Humanistic Approach and author of the article, “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?  Emotionally Preparing Yourself for Your Adult Child’s Wedding.”  I am a contributing author to the 2014 award winning book, Collaborative Law Practice and Procedures, having written the chapter on “The Coach’s First Meeting With Individual Clients.

I serve as a Board member of the Massachusetts Collaborative Law Council
and have designed and facilitated MCLC Board retreats since 2012.    
I am a member of the Massachusetts Psychological Association
and The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.