Collaborative Law Coach/Facilitator

Going through a divorce is difficult and painful.  Believing that there is life after divorce is often challenging. Having a trained Collaborative Law Divorce Coach helps both clients to participate more fully and productively in negotiating their divorce with integrity.

My role as a Collaborative Law Coach/Facilitator is as a neutral who facilitates the collaborative meeting process and helps clients go through their divorce with support and respect. I work with each client to identify their goals, clarify the ‘real’ interests and concerns and tap into their personal strengths and resources that can easily be forgotten when going through a divorce.

It is likely and expected that issues will come up that trigger negative emotional responses. I work with each client to identify those potential triggers and develop more productive responses as well as offering specific coaching tips that reflect the clients’ goals for the divorce.   This results in more effective and satisfying communication which facilitates decision making and the reaching of a durable resolution.

The Role of the Coach at collaborative meetings:

  • Facilitate meetings
  • Provide neutrality
  • Help clients achieve their goals
  • Reduce misunderstandings
  • Manage and contain conflict
  • Provide specific tools for problem solving and overcoming obstacles

When there are children, I work with both clients to develop a workable parenting plan. I provide suggestions to increase effective co-parenting to foster healthy communication during and after the divorce.

  • Collaborative Divorce Coaching

    "My attorney recommended Cathy to join our collaborative legal team and she became central to our successful divorce. I attribute our positive, respectful, divorce process to her. She guided us through the sadness, anger and pain of divorce and helped us to find our way to an appropriate, fair and respectful agreement. She listens in the deepest way, assimilating the information, the story, the players, the injustices and then she guides one up and out, finding a way out of the past and into a future for both people. She is the brightest, clearest person I have had the good fortune to hire.

    Cathy was the reason why I survived my divorce and why I have the agreement that I do. I am deeply grateful that she guided me to a new life of clarity, strength, independence and dignity. I would not have found my way without her care and guidance."

    - Jill, Collaborative Law Client

    “You got to know us and that created a comfort level for me when we were all in the room. You managed the process and helped keep all of us on the task at hand while keeping the emotions in check for us to get through the divorce. It helped me to have you there.”

    - Dave, Collaborative Law Client

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