Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series

The  Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series was created to give you a look at  collaborative teamwork ‘In Action’!

  • Conducting the initial interview
  • Skillfully addressing challenging issues
  • Creatively resolving conflicts to move through impasse and reach a durable agreement

The Story

Cathy Heenan Ed.D., a psychologist and  specialist in communication, was asked in 2004 to present at the first Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training in Boston. In 2009, after presenting at the European Collaborative Law conference in Cork, Ireland, she and her colleague, attorney Rita Pollak were invited to the Netherlands to design and present a 3-Day Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Training .  Over the next three years Cathy and Rita returned to the Netherlands and offered Basic and Advanced Collaborative Law trainings to 250 professionals.

The training, A Step-by-Step by Approach, broke down each step of a Collaborative Law case from the first phone call to the completion of the case.  The goal of the training was to offer each professional a clear road map of what the collaborative process looked like and how to navigate its range of challenging terrain.

While the goals were met, the participants in the Netherlands training commented that it was hard to visualize what collaborative practice meetings really looked like. They asked if videos could be made to show the work really being done.

They wanted to see:

  • How the attorneys work with each other to collaborate on behalf of both clients.
  • How the coach facilitates a divorcing couple to communicate more effectively than they were able to do in their marriage.
  • How the team model works to benefit both parties to reach a durable agreement.

The Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series was born from that request. Professionals now get to see  the collaborative team working with the clients :  starting from the attorneys prospective interview with a client, to the first 5-way meeting, watching the Team skillfully address a challenging issue and then seeing how the team moves through an impasse using a  very effective problem-solving model.

The videos show the attorneys, the coach and the financial neutral working with clients modeling communication that builds trust, encourages thinking ‘outside of the box’ while making difficult decisions with respect and integrity.

The Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series is now being used by individuals, in law schools as well as in trainings and practice groups worldwide. 

The video series is also available in some court libraries and law school libraries so that attorneys, teachers of alternative dispute resolution and law students can see the collaborative process ‘In Action’ –watching a team of collaborative professionals working together with ‘real’ clients on substantive issues at real meetings.


  • Collaborative Divorce Video Training Series

    "Your DVDs are without a doubt the best training material in the DVD format for collaborative practitioners. There is a wealth of information for the attorneys, coaches and financial neutrals. The minimal price of the DVDs is a wise investment for the collaborative professionals and practice groups that are serious about refining their skills. Thank you for sharing your expertise."

    Financial Consultant, Nashville, Tennessee

    “The training was wonderful. You both created an atmosphere of loving compassion, forgiveness and authenticity to the process of your teaching.”

    Psychologist, Chicago, Illinois

    "I also appreciated the DVDs which showed the various parts of the process. The Challenging Meeting DVD was so real and it was truly inspirational to see how the team handled the session. I am not used to giving an 'A' but I learned so much from you. After this training, I am even more convinced of the interdisciplinary way of working together."

    Attorney, the Netherlands

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