Fasten Your Seatbelts, There May Be Unexpected Turbulence

You’ve just had a successful joint meeting.  The parties say they see no reason to have a coach at future meetings.

They tell their attorneys they are doing just fine.  They don’t want the added expense.

It’s understandable that the parties believe that they no longer need a coach, after all the meeting went well.  What the parties can’t anticipate is that problems can easily occur, the unexpected happens, the process can become stalled or begin to unravel.

It is critical, as a collaborative professional, to remember that you have the expertise, that you know the terrain, the clients do not.

As in air travel, the flight can be going smoothly and then all of a sudden there is a storm.  The same can happen during the divorce process. The coach can  help stabilize the disruption.   The coach, as a neutral, can make observations that the parties can more easily hear.  The coach is trained to deal with process.

The neutral coach has an expertise in facilitating disagreements, misunderstandings, managing intense emotions and helping the parties deal with the difficulties and struggles that can happen in the best of cases.

Stay the course, be prepared for trouble.  Have the neutral coach at all joint meetings.


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